Fake Oakley Launches Jawbreaker Sunglasses

fake Oakley Jawbreaker

Mark Cavendish may be one of the most neurotic professionals when it comes to selecting his equipment. He’s been known for riding non-sponsor equipment and switching between his Specialized S-Works shoes and his long-discontinued Nikes. There’s even rumors of him switching frame sizes.

So when someone as picky as Cavendish puts his head together with designers from a brand like Oakley, the results are sure to be attention grabbing. And sure enough, the replica Oakley Jawbreaker is unlike anything we’ve seen from Oakley since the 1980s, when Oakley launched its first sunglasses, the Eyeshade.

The new fake Oakley Jawbreakers are, at face value, not all that different from other shades in the California-based brand’s lineup. The Jawbreakers are made from the same highly durable plastic frame and impact-resistant lenses. The Jawbreaker uses Oakley’s Switchlock lens changing technology, which is similar to the RadarLock and the RacingJackets. Of course, the Jawbreakers look and wear nothing like anything else in the current Oakley lineup.

“Sunglasses,” doesn’t seem do the Jawbreaker design justice. The sheer size and its features make “sport shield,” a more apt descriptor. So let’s discuss the size of the Jawbreakers. They’re some of the largest, if not the largest, sunglasses I’ve tested. Something everyone I rode with also noted. A couple of friends remarked that the Jawbreakers look like something a baseball player from the 1990s might wear.

On one’s face, the Jawbreaker feels large, but not heavy or obnoxious. The coverage is excellent. Better than any other pair of sunglasses on the market today. Though the increased coverage does not come at the expense of ventilation. I wore the Jawbreakers on multiple mountain bike rides, which better simulated higher temperatures, and slower, strenuous climbing. The Jawbreakers never fogged, and while the lens uses Oakley’s hydrophobic coating, I did find that sweat would still dry in the center of the lens on occasion.

The Jawbreaker’s size is also its weak link. While we’ve celebrated other Oakley models, such as the RadarLock, for looking good on a range of different face sizes, the Jawbreaker’s size make it look out of place on smaller faces and without a helmet on, they look even more out of place.

While the size and shape of the Jawbreakers harken back to Oakley’s Eyeshade, there are similar options on the market today. The Poc Do Blade we reviewed last year is similar in size, shape, and price, but the Do Blades are still hard to find available at retail.

The Jawbreaker’s lens is swapped out by lifting the nose-piece, which releases the clip over the center of the frame, and then the bottom half of the frame rotates down. The mechanism is reminiscent of the RacingJacket design, but a bit more elaborate because of the Jawbreaker’s one-piece lens design, though not harder.

The lens quality is exceptional. With the added field of view with the larger lens, the frame’s top doesn’t interfere with line of sight, even when in an aggressive position on the road bike. We tested the Cavendish edition with Oakley’s Prizm Road lens, which is designed to better bring out the undulations of a paved road. We cannot confirm whether it does or doesn’t, but the lens quality is nothing short of exceptional.

The earpieces of the Jawbreaker are adjustable by lifting a piece of the arm and sliding the earpiece in and out, giving the wearer three different positions from which to choose. I decided on the mid setting, as it was most secure over my helmet retention system.

The Jawbreakers did not play nice with all helmets when they needed to be stored. They fit fine in the new Giro Synthe, a design that works with nearly every pair of sunglasses, even when the Jawbreakers were stored during rough mountain biking. However, the Jawbreakers did not store as securely on the Lazer Z1, even when riding on the smoothest road. The Jawbreaker is also hard to store behind the helmet, as the large lens pushes up against the bottom of the rear of the helmet.

The helmet interaction could vary with different sizes. This is, of course, a small sampling of the market, but I’d recommend taking your helmet to your local AAA Oakley Jawbreaker sunglasses dealer to see how the Jawbreaker interacts with your helmet of choice.

Fake Oakleys Flak Jacket Sunglasses Available Online

Is it possible to find Fake Oakleys Flak Jacket sunglasses? For a brand name that is only associated with people at the higher-end of society, most people will only react with skepticism to such a possibility. Yet it is true that low-priced sunglasses by Oakley are available in the market – if you know where to look.

Oakley products are expensive for good reasons. The investment in technology that the manufacturers have made enables them to produce a quality and fashionable product which many celebrities are happy to be associated with.

Knockoff Oakley sunglasses have a good safety reputation and are the choice of most sportsmen. They are impact resistant so that when athlete who wears them trips and falls, their ability to remain intact is quite admirable. Of course the biggest concern when choosing sunglasses is their ability to protect your eyes. Oakley sunglasses are not only very clear but also help to protect the eyes from ultraviolet rays. Clarity on the lenses is guaranteed as the lenses have a hydrophobic coating which helps to keep dirt, dust, oil and other particles off the surface of the lenses.

While the reputation of the Oakley brand makes the sunglasses expensive, it is possible to obtain cheap Oakley sunglasses online. The prices in retail outlets are always higher than the prices in online stores because online sellers obtain their products at substantial discounts which make it possible for them to offer these trendy products at a reasonable price. When buying however, it is important to confirm that you are purchasing an original product as there are many counterfeits in the market.

The difference in the prices of retail sunglasses and Fake Oakley sunglasses available online does not mean that online buyers are getting a lower quality product. Buying from an online store is therefore a brilliant idea.

Flak Jacket Sunglasses and Fake Oakley

Fake Oakley has an extensive collection of sunglasses that mixes tradition with fashion and glamor. Unlike many other brands, these sunglasses only have the ability to combine practicality, comfort and aesthetics. With Oakley eye wear is perfect for your look. The collections are the most famous Flak Jacket, Wayfarer and Jackie Ohh; all sunglasses must for those who want to look elegant and trendy.

Many do not know that these sunglasses were originally designed for the United States Army Air Corps but the interest for the brand has grown far beyond, and soon a meticulous design work has led to these sunglasses becoming the phenomenon worldwide it is today.

Appeared for the first time in the mid 30’s, Flak Jacket sunglasses are first used only in military aviation but later, during the boom years of the Hollywood 50, the most fashion-conscious celebrities like Robert Redford and Jack Nicholson proudly wear.

The Fake Oakley Flak Jacket line is so named because of its great popularity among the American military pilots and is now the heart of the entire collection of Oakley, the complete line is made up of different models: traditional, technological, valuable, creative, and gold on the road.